Enabling businesses
achieve their goals

We design & develop software on every platform

Web apps
Desktop apps
Mobile apps
Application integration

Our Capabilities

Follow your idea from inception to delivery


Helping you answer the question, "What & how exactly should I build?"


Creating beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces that delight users and make your company look great


Writing bullet-proof code that runs smoothly and securely across multiple platforms


Getting your product to people with minimum hassle


Keeping your product in top shape with support contracts so we can respond to your needs

"Doubleloop is a partner of excellence that accompanies us along our growth path offering distinctive skills, mentoring our team with inspirational thoughts, coaching us on the stairway of continuous improvement." Andrea Scavolini, Iconsulting

Our Approach

Test assumptions. Expect change. Keep an open mind.

What we know

  • You have more great ideas than you have budget
  • You’ll keep having great ideas throughout your project
  • People will surprise you by what they want and how they use your app
  • There will be technical puzzles to solve

What we do - The Doubleloop way

Our approach is to make a broad plan, and then get creating.

We build a small piece, test it, discuss it, refine our plan, and then do the whole thing over and over again until you say it’s finished.

This gives us the freedom to adapt, incorporate new information, and deliver the best product possible.

Doubleloop & Your Money

Every software project has surprises.
How you deal with them depends on your
business relationship with your software partner:

Fixed price,
Fixed scope

You're locked into your original, detailed plan. You'll waste time to renegotiate your job every now and then

Fixed budget,
Controlled scope

Carefully adjust the scope, in either breadth or depth, incorporating new knowledge and ideas