We are driven
by passion

About us

We‘re a team of highly skilled professionals committed to help their customers succeed. Experience, passion and continuous innovation are key factors for which our customers choose to work with us.

We love solving problems, that's what we do everyday. With us you can always count on a team ready to help.

Meet our crew

Massimo Iacolare


With over 15 years of experience Massimo has gained deep expertise on multiple layers of the development stack, from UX to Frontend and Backend development. This broad skillset helps him in bringing to life performant, usable and evolvable systems.

Always looking for a better way to conduct software products and projects has led him towards lean and agile principles. These help him set valuable and achievable goals allowing doubleloop to establish a solid and thriving relationship with customers.

Matteo Baglini


He’s always focused on simplicity and cost of change to create codebases that better adapt to the ever evolving business world. Matteo has gained experience in multiple domains and environments (web, desktop, embedded, mobile) with a strong focus on clean code, design and architecture.

Curiosity and a constant desire to improve has brought him on a long journey of study, practicing better ways of developing software. The desire to share what learned led him to become a Coach helping other developers to sharpen their skills.

Andrea Vallotti


He is passionate about people development and well-crafted code. This enthusiasm led him to embrace Agile principles and practices, seeking better ways to develop software while delivering real business value. He is an energetic advocate of educational initiatives and developing high-performance software teams.

In the last 20 years, Andrea built a wealth of experience in software development and architecture using several languages, paradigms, and platforms. He is a software craftsman, enjoying in learning while crafting awesome software, and helping others doing the same.

Mauro Bartolomeoli


In almost 20 years of work as a freelance developer for different companies, Mauro was able to lead or support many software projects, expecially in the opensource field.

His ever growing curiosity allowed him to gain experience both on the technology and human side of work, switching hats between coding and having conversations with customers as needed, with a single main goal: helping people to solve their problems, eventually with software, eventually through a web application.

Cosimo Matteini


His curiosity and passion about software development leads him to explore different areas of development such as frontend, backend and DevOps.

He believes software development is like composing lego pieces, where you need to combine creativity and accuracy in order to create great and reliable software.