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Software Development

We cover the full stack. From frontend to backend to deployment. Benefit from our leading expertise on designing scalable, distributed and evolvable systems.

Product Consulting

Execute on your ideas. We start by using our refined process to discover your needs. We scope, manage and build Prototypes, MVPs & to-scale Apps.

Code Therapy & Training

Need help improving & refining your team's workflow? We'll help you getting out of technical debt and removing any roadblock you’re facing, be it scalability, complexity, maintainability.

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Our Manifesto

Software is a mean to achieve business goals

Discover and add only what matters most. Travel light
Adaptation is the main trait of successful companies

Iteration after iteration we try to sustainably deliver the minimum amount of software necessary to achieve the highest business impact possible

Meet the Team

We‘re a small team of bleeding edge developers focused on helping their customers succeed. Experience, passion and continuous innovation are the key factors why our clients choose to work with us.

Massimo Iacolare

Software Designer


With over 15 years of experience Massimo has gained deep expertise on multiple layers of the development stack, from UX to Frontend and Backend development. This broad skillset helps him in bringing to life performant, usable and evolvable systems.

Always looking for a better way to conduct software products and projects, this has led him towards lean and agile principles. These help him set valuable and achievable goals allowing doubleloop to establish a solid and thriving relationship with customers.

Experienced rock climber when he's not in front of a keyboard he's probably clinging to some rock. He lives in the beautiful city of Florence.

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Matteo Baglini

Software Designer


He’s always focused on simplicity and cost of change to create codebases that better adapt to the ever evolving business world. Matteo has gained experience in multiple domains and environments (web, desktop, embedded, mobile) with a strong focus on clean code, design and architecture.

Curiosity and a constant desire to improve has brought him on a long journey of study, practicing better ways of developing software. The desire to share what learned led him to become a Coach helping other developers to sharpen their skills.

Finally, the passion and enthusiasm for his work led him to found developer communities, participating as speakers and organize conferences.

Agile Development .NET NodeJS RESTful Web APIs Architectures Redis Distributed Systems WPF TDD MongoDB

When necessary we engage and partner with other highly skilled professionals. So you can always count on a team ready to help.


We help clients in many different sectors including
e-commerce fashion retail hospitality healthcare transportation

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We love local communities & conferences. We love the passion and energy which often permeates them and we do our part in keeping them engaging and interesting for everyone.


We co-organize the #apericoder meetups in Tuscany, bringing programmers together over a beer to present, discuss and debate just about everything.

LambdaCon conference

We helped organize the italian conference about functional programming which got an enthusiastic response from the European developers community.

We regularly present topics that matter to us whenever we can. These are some of the talks we’ve done in the past:

Jun 2015

Discover React

A basic introduction to the goals and principles behind the popular ReactJS

Nov 2014

Writing Good Tests

TDD è una tecnica complessa perché richiede molteplici skill

Nov 2014

#noestimates thinking

Why estimates lead us in the wrong direction and what we can do about it!

May 2014

Legacy Coderetreat

Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design

We happily embrace remote working and we're nicely laid out in Tuscany